Gold Metallic Christmas Classy Bubble Mailers

Product description

Color:Gold  |  Size:6×10 50PC

Glod Metallic poly Bubble Mailers to Set Apart Your Mail
#0 Glod MetallicPoly Bubble Mailers Useful Space: 6x9Inch, Package: 50pcs/bag

Fuxury Bubble Mailers are known for their quality and these Glod Metallic beauties are no exception. They are thick well-padded bubble mailers that will protect your delicate shipment from breakage and damage. The multilayered construction provides excellent protection from water, snow and rain.
The envelopes are resistant to tearing and puncturing. Thus preventing your shipment from being stolen, tampered with or scratched.

Multipurpose Bubble Mailers
Fuxury bubble mailers can be used to mail documents as well as other items. The completely opaque envelopes keep the contents secret. You can use these to mail sensitive documents, paintings, fashion accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, medicines, seeds and bulbs, and a lot more. The laminated top allows you to attach self-adhesive stamps and address labels easily.
The envelopes can also be used to store delicate items and jewelry at home. You can use these padded envelops to securely keep your delicate crystals, earrings, bracelets, precious stones, coins, beads, etc.

Heat Bonded Seals
The envelopes have heat-bonded very strong seals that are completely tamperproof. The top is self-adhesive and again tamperproof. The heat bonding also makes the seals air and water tight keeping the item being shipped safe within the mailer.

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